How the Q Student Information System Empowers Achievement at Cajon Valley Union School District

teacher working with students
At the heart of the district’s successful 20+ years of student operations is Aequitas Solutions’ SIS, Q.  Cajon Valley Union School District in San Diego County, California serves a diverse population of over 18,000 students across 28 schools. As a district committed to providing a quality education for all, technology plays a crucial role in ... Read more

MISTAR-Q Student Information System Propels Plymouth Canton Community Schools to Success

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Plymouth Canton Community Schools’ two-decade partnership with the MISTAR-Q SIS improves efficiency across the district.   In the pivotal industry of education, technology plays an integral role in students’ success. Plymouth Canton Community Schools found a dependable and responsive partner in MISTAR-Q. For over two decades, this dynamic, locally-supported Student Information System (SIS) has been at ... Read more

Sault Ste. Marie’s Successful Transition to Michigan’s MISTAR-Q Student Information System

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Migrating to a new SIS during a pandemic was no easy undertaking, but MISTAR-Q set up Sault Ste. Marie for long-term success.  When Sault Ste. Marie’s Student Information System provider announced they were phasing out their SIS product in 2019, the district had to start a comprehensive assessment of their options. Transitioning to a new ... Read more

Clovis Unified School District’s 23-Year Success Story with Aequitas Student Information System, Q

teacher with students
Clovis USD streamlined operations and fostered engagement among families and students with an extensible Student Information System. With a student population of over 45,000 students in Fresno County, California, Clovis Unified School District is committed to equipping every student with the tools they need to achieve their full potential. Navigating the complexities of managing a ... Read more