District Data Analytics & Reporting

Q Analytics empowers users to quickly and precisely analyze district data and generate reports to pinpoint student challenges and find effective solutions.

Q Analytics on Computer

Data-Informed Decision Making

Q Analytics offers custom dashboards and widgets, enabling users to have their most important data easily accessible at their fingertips.

With this module, users also have the ability to digitally monitor student progress, performance, and achievements. District staff can then use this data to facilitate informed decision-making for constructive interventions and improvements.

Streamlined Access to School District Data

Through Q Analytic’s user-friendly interface and adjustable settings, users can easily access and gain more control over their most vital district data.

Filters and drill down options enable administrators and educators to easily delve deeper into their district’s data, saving valuable time that can be spent on their students.

q analytics permissions

Customizable Administrator Permissions

District administrators have access to the setup tabs, which can be customized for various parameters like chronic absence calculation and graduation requirement eligibilities.

Administrators also have control over who is able to see specific pieces of data and dashboards, ensuring only those with authorized credentials are allowed to view different data points.

Custom Dashboards

Create custom dashboards with visual graphs to display the data most important to you.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Users can easily and accurately pull and analyze district data in real time.

Drill Downs & Filters

Dig deeper with drill downs and filters to hone in on specific pieces of data.

Historic Data Analysis

Access historical data to identify trends and patterns to inform future decisions.

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