Q Student Information System

Q, our student information system (SIS), sometimes referred to as a Student Management Solution manages the information needs of 1+ million students and their parents, is a full-featured SIS utilizing innovative tools, and proactive data analysis allowing educators to more fully focus on the individual and constantly changing needs of students.

Aequitas Solutions is a leader in innovative K-12 student information systems (SIS). We strive to challenge the K-12 industry by providing a comprehensive, next generation student management solution that pushes traditional SIS boundaries.

WHO WE ARE – At our core, Aequitas Solutions, Inc. is a K-12 student information system software development, service, and support organization.

WHAT WE DO – We strive to be a leader in innovative K-12 student information systems. Our mission is two-fold. 1) Develop a student information system that supports educators in their primary goal, educating students; Helps districts streamline operations, processes, and procedures; Supports the way districts work and do business, today and tomorrow; Facilitates effective ways to involve parents and other stakeholders in a child’s education. 2) Provide our clients with solutions and services that are unmatched in the K-12 industry.

OUR VISION – We know the level of effort it takes to manage a student’s education from the district office to the home. Our offering must provide all the advantages of today’s technology and grow as the industry grows but never lose sight of what we do at our core. We are here to build the best student information system possible. Period. A system that simply works, is functional, easy to use, and that helps educators by focusing on what we can do to accomplish our overriding goal; help them spend more time with their students, not on the system.