4 Ways Your Student Information System Can Enable the Whole Child Approach to Education

girl working in STEM class
The role of a Student Information System (SIS) has evolved beyond simple administrative functions and grade tracking. With a growing focus on holistically supporting students, modern SIS platforms should serve as comprehensive tools for managing student data and nurturing a student's academic growth, emotional well-being, and social development.   This shift reflects a growing understanding that ... Read more

How a Digital Forms Solution Can Unlock Efficiency in Your School District

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In the bustling environment of a school district, collecting the various types of information required from families and students can be overwhelming.  From parent permission forms, to student health information, behavior referrals, transportation coordination, enrollment, and ongoing communication, data collection efforts can overwhelm educators. A traditional, paper-based approach may exacerbate the problem, increasing errors and ... Read more

How Embracing Online Enrollment Can Benefit Your District and Improve Family Engagement

parent and student enrolling online
The traditional school enrollment process, with mountains of paperwork and long lines, can be daunting for families and time-consuming for administrators. However, this method is becoming a relic of the past as many school districts are stepping into the digital age with online enrollment systems. This innovative approach isn't just about convenience for parents – ... Read more

7 Effective Behavior Management Strategies for Educators to Try in the Classroom

student raising hand with teacher in classroom
The classroom is a vibrant and, at times, chaotic hub of learning, exploration, and student interactions. Educators must overcome the challenge of managing student behavior to create a positive and productive environment where each student can succeed.  Effective behavior management goes beyond simply enforcing rules; it entails crafting a well-rounded plan that fosters positive relationships, ... Read more

5 Ways to Empower Teachers Through Effective Professional Development

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Teachers are the cornerstone of our education system, shaping young minds and igniting students’ passion for learning. But just like any profession, teachers need ongoing support and professional development to stay productive and engaged. Effective professional development ensures teachers continue to learn and sharpen their skills, thus playing a crucial role in the success of ... Read more

Tackling Chronic Absenteeism in K-12 Schools: 7 Strategies for Student Success

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Chronic absenteeism is one of the biggest challenges to students excelling academically. While students missing school isn’t a new issue, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a sharp increase in chronic absenteeism of K-12 students. The 2021-2022 school year saw 14.7 million students classified as chronically absent – 6.5 million more than the 2017-2018 school year. ... Read more

Focusing on Mastery Over Metrics – The Benefits of Standards-Based Grading

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A primary goal of in K-12 education is to ensure students achieve academic excellence as measured by their mastery of core subjects such as math, reading science, and social studies. To evaluate this goal, educators must measure students’ progress toward learning objectives in these core subjects. As schools evaluate the best way to measure student ... Read more

The Important Role of Social-Emotional Learning for Student Success in K-12 Education

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The focus on K-12 education has expanded beyond traditional academic achievements in recent years. Many schools and educators recognize that students’ educational growth requires attention to more than just grades and exam scores. This paradigm shift has given rise to a growing awareness of the importance of holistic development, with educators and parents placing greater ... Read more

6 Tips to Increase Student Information System Adoption Across Your District

successful student information system implementation
Changing your Student Information System is no easy feat. The successful implementation of a Student Information System (SIS) is crucial for efficient administrative processes, enhanced communication, and improved student outcomes. The adoption of an SIS across an entire district, however, can be a complex endeavor, requiring strategic planning and thoughtful execution.   With nearly everyone in ... Read more

Enhancing Learning Outcomes: The Importance of Data Analytics in Student Information Systems

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Student Information Systems serve as the digital backbone of K-12 schools, housing a plethora of information about each student. From basic demographics to academic records, attendance, and extracurricular activities, a robust SIS consolidates vast amounts of data in one centralized platform.    Capturing this data isn’t enough, though. Educators should be able to easily access, view, ... Read more