Q Student Information System

Q, our next generation Enterprise Student Information System (SIS). Q uses state of the art technology to deliver a fast, interactive and intuitive fully web-based application experience to end-users. Q works to proactively provide information to users not just data.

Q performs district, school, and classroom student information management in real time for all educators, district staff, students, and parents throughout a district.


Class Behavior
Class Marks
Communications & Notifications
Student Marks
Student Profile
…and more

Parents & Students

Online Enrollment
Online Payments
Parent Portal & mobile app
Student Portal & mobile app
Subscription-based & pro-active notifications

Office & Support Staff

English Learners
Food Service
Graduation Requirements
Professional Development
Programs and Services
Report Cards
Special Education
Student Body Accounting
Student Health
Test History
Textbook Inventory
…and more

District Administration

Archive Database
Built-in Custom Report Writer
Communications Tracking
Dynamic Groups
Dynamic User-defined Data
Easy to use year end & new year tools
Email/mobile Integration
General Rule & Workflow Management
Notifications & Alerts
Professional Development
Summer School Management
…and more


“Wayne RESA partnered with Aequitas to ensure Q (known as MISTAR-Q in Michigan) is a student information system that is always valuable to schools across Michigan. Aequitas has the experience, mindset and commitment to provide complex and diverse information management solutions for K-12 schools.

Their decades of experience designing and implementing K-12 student systems always provides an efficient data solution. Their partnership mindset is a model for collaboration and development that is inclusive of all schools and users. It allows us to provide flexible and scalable solutions that meet a broad spectrum of needs in Michigan K-12 schools regardless their level of resources. Their commitment to efficiency and service allow schools to focus on student achievement and support services instead of software.

We are proud our relationship is a partnership, not just a software vendor contract, because it allows us to grow a solution with a predictable investment in software and people.”

Kurt Rheaume
Executive Director of IT Solutions, Wayne RESA

“I’ve worked with Aequitas for over five years and just recently changed positions. I knew when I worked with Aequitas that I was receiving excellent customer service, but I didn’t fully realize how good I had it until I started to work with different vendors. Aequitas provides quick responses and resolutions to problems from knowledgeable and courteous staff. They provide excellent communication for their customers and work together to continuously provide new enhancements and solutions with their products. I fully recommend this company!”

Laura Kenobie
San Juan Unified School District

“Oakland Schools has been a proud partner of Aequitas Solutions since the inception of their organization. Strategic planning and development prioritization is done jointly and with purpose. Both of our organizations believe that students and all educators deserve the most efficient information collection and reporting system possible. Aequitas staff understand the work of K-12 and roll up their sleeves to provide best practice solutions for all users of their system. Their innovation, integrity, and dedication set them apart in the world of “software vendors”. Software is what they do, helping educators improve efficiencies in order to focus on student achievement is their purpose. I have been in school IT leadership for over thirty (30) years and I can honestly say I have never had a private vendor partner like Aequitas. While their bottom line is imperative to providing their service, their passion truly is helping educators educate.”

Tammy Evans
Assistant Superintendent of Shared Services/CIO, Oakland Schools